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 Music & Arts Conservatory of Santa Barbara is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization,  Tax ID # 320439634
MACSB does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion or national origin.
(805) 682-2370
P.O. Box 3004 Santa Barbara, CA 93105
MAC greatly acknowledges the following donors and supporters:

Natalya Antonov
Eric and Marilyn Robison
Ann Sanders and Gary Wynant
Rochelle and Mario Barattucci
Carol Voorhis
Vivian Reginetto
Joanne Kuchera-Morin
The Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation
Katina Etsell
The Granada Theatre
Lerena Winter, Winter Digital Media
Don Orth
Mosher Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Payton Bucy
Frank and Marlene Bucy
Girls inc., Goleta
For more than twenty years, a tradition has been quietly building in Santa Barbara. To understand Music & Arts Conservatory (MAC) Santa Barbara, you have to embrace a different way of thinking, one which reveres enlightenment over the spotlight. MAC, the legendary program founded by local visionary Lana Bodnar in 1989, allows creative youth to enter and explore the world of fine arts. By encouraging our students to explore all facets of creative arts and opening their minds to new ideas and techniques, we hope to challenge them to use their creativity to discover their own passion.
Music and Arts Conservatory of Santa Barbara
What makes this Conservatory more special than others I have worked with is
the remarkable level of maturity the students exhibit in their interpretations and in the way they rehearse and perform. The outstanding teachers impart musicality
and artistry on the highest level and in such a way that the students grasp
something far beyond the mere notes on the page.”

-Guest Conductor, Gary Sheldon   March 2011          
“Culture & “Classic Cool” Define the Santa Barbara Music & Arts Conservatory
See our featured article in Santa Barbara Family Life, August 2011 (click link)

Lana Bodnar - Founding Executive Director
Nina Bodnar - Artistic Director, Virtuoso Strings,
                       Junior Virtuoso, and Chamber Music
Ernest Richardson - Music Director, Principal Conductor

Senior Program

Perie Longo, PhD : Santa Barbara Poet Laureate Emerita
Misha Bodnar : Chamber Music 
John Sant’Ambrogio : Cello Master Class
Sabina Funk :  Visual Arts
Duff KennedyPhD :  Music Appreciation and History
Brian Slotnick-Lastrico : Solfege
Chryss Yost : Poetry
George Yatchisin :  Creative Writing

Junior Program

Sabina Funk : Visual Arts
Natalya Klimov Vocal Ensemble
Claude-Lise LaFranque : Orff and Jr. Chamber Music
Chryss Yost :  Poetry

Integrity sits on the freeway offramp
And watches you drive up in
your new Mercedes-Benz, trying to
avoid eye-contact.
As she catches your eye,
she holds up a bag of oranges,
waxed, and catching the gleam
of the white sun. She
Watches as you turn your head
and drive away.
And integrity waits for the
next red light to be ignored
by another rich man, as
she leans on the half-rusted
grocery cart full of unsold

-Mitchell Yoshida
Olga plays like a bolt of white thunder
bursting a snowglobe of

Her fingers like a wave, rising
of a hummingbird, delicately dancing
into a crystal of solemn dream

She moves like a wave rising
with passion, then coming down with
music in her heart

She hypnotizes me,her pendulum
the song that bursts from soul
to piano, a sound of life

Music is her light, Without it,
she is in dark forever night,
but her heart will keep singing until

there is not a single word
to describe her, like an angel from
the tip of heaven

-Connie Wang